Junfang in China

Hello everyone. My name is Junfang Li and I come from China. I have been learning Spanish online for nearly three months. A teacher from the U.S. teaches me through the use of an online conference center and I find I like this kind of learning style. I don't need to go anywhere. All I need to do is sit in front of my computer, listen to the teacher's explanation, read and repeat the class material and communicate with him and the other student. I have learned a lot. By the way, Ken is a very patient and kind teacher.

大家好! 我叫李军芳,来自中国。 我在网上学习西班牙语已经快三个月了,一位来自美国的老师通过网络会议中心教我学西班牙语。我觉得我很喜欢这种学习方式,因为不用出去就可以学很多东西。我需要做的就是——坐在电脑旁,听老师的讲解、朗读、重复课堂材料,与老师和其他学生一起交流。我在三个月内学了不少东西。顺便提一下,肯是一位非常友好,有耐心的老师。

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